Tips To Choose 3D Jewelry Animation Services

Tips To Choose 3D Jewelry Animation Services

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3D Jewelry animation services add tremendous value to the marketing strategy. The premium-quality jewelry renders get maximum attention from the viewers, be it digital media or print media. 3D rendering services are highly increasing and have become one of the popular aspects among the retailers and designers looking for ways to enhance their product range to provide a rich experience to their customers. However, there are numerous benefits of choosing 3D jewelry services. It enhances the quality and makes the video look better than photography.

Unlike jewelry photography, 3D product animation services provide a physical sample virtually set to the customers. Such models are created with computer software representing the product dimensions, size, physical attributes, and product style. Here are some of the tips to choose a 3D Jewelry rendering service.

What Is A 3D Model?

The 3D model represents the three digital dimensions of the product. 3D models are used for various mediums, including commercial advertising, illustration, architecture, movies, etc. In addition, it is the process of presenting an animation of a product with some special effects.

3D Product Design Services

Let's have a Look at the Tips for Such 3D Product Animation Services:

  • Diamond And Gemstones Settings

The developer should not allow any geometry to penetrate the culet of the diamonds. Claws that adjust the stone are ideal, but anything passing through the stones will form black spots by extracting the details. When a real stone is adjusted in a mount, nothing passes by the diamond. If the geometry is done through the parts of the stones, it will prevent it from reflecting light, making it not look attractive.

  • Round The Edges

Most of the CAD modelers ignore the rounding edges of the halo settings. Yet, it is one of the essential 3d product modeling services one should remember. It gives a natural and realistic look to the product when it is rendered. If all the edges are possibly rounded, it will make a dramatic difference in the final product.

  • Remove Shank Seams

Many modelers prefer modeling half of the ring and moving horizontally to make the other half of the ring. It is a standard method. However, if you move further, you should do a nice clean beam; if not, it can symbolize lazy modeling. If everything is not joined perfectly, one can easily see the seam. The back and inside shank should also look smooth, natural, and seamless. A skilled modeler will look after all the surfaces to give them a perfect touch.

  • Create Everything Solid

The solid surfaces should be joined together to form a solid object. If the surface misses the details, it will not look attractive to the user, and more importantly, it will not give a natural appearance to the model. To make the model obvious, try to cap all surfaces. If you do not get enough time, think of a cylinder without any cap, and select an open object for a simple and quick process!