Jewelry Photo Editing Retouching Services|Starting at $1/Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn around time (TAT) depends upon the services you choose (24 hrs to 72 hrs). For simple jobs we can provide much quicker Tat as per your requirement but the service which needs time and expertise, we can provide TAT of around 72 hrs.

Yes, we can assure you about the security and privacy of your images. we don't copyright any of your images. We don't publish your images as our retouching portfolio, If you don't want us to do it.

Yes, for sure you can ask for few test edits before you order for whole project. We would love to win your confidence first and then to bound you for whole project in one go.

There are many ways to Exchange the Files through


This may happen sometimes. we work for many photographers with different likings. so it is always preferable that you provide some sample retouches for us to know your style and that's how we can maintain consistency with your existing work.
Also, we are pretty cool with working rounds of samples to match up to your style.

Yes we do keep backup of your files for 6-Months After we deliver the final projects..

Yes we do accept RAW images but that depends upon the service you are looking for.

No, we don't take any advances. We trust that you understand the value of hard work and time investment, that we do for you.

PayPal, International Wire Transfer, Wester Union etc...

We do like to deliver you images according to your style and for this you can choose any of the ways:

  • Provide your existing work samples on mail and explain about your style.
  • Chat with us on WhatsApp and call if you wish. Our senior authorities(Jitin / Charu) will talk to you and explain your instructions to specific team which is handling your work.
  • You can also fix up a Skype conversation with us and talk about your instructions.

We try to give you the best assistance and updates.

Its Depends on the Quantity of Piece/Items to work.