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Frequently Asked Questions

We often find it hard to edit images because our basics aren't clear In the first place. To edit photos nicely, we should be able to set and adjust the correct exposure of photos. We must identify the overexposed and underexposed pictures and sort out their cleanliness. Correct exposure entails striking the right balance between the three elements of the exposure triangle. Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are the three factors to consider. We will get a flawlessly exposed image if we balance all three appropriately. That means no flared highlights or details are completely lost in the shadows or darker regions of the image where they should be visible.

Also, we should clarify the white balance and set the correct contrast between dark and light. White balance is a camera setting that detects the color temperature of the light we are shooting in and compares it to neutral white. A perfect white balance should display white as it appears in reality, with no color casts distorting the whiteness of white. Regarding contrast, There's nothing to be so worried about. The third thing is to be able to decide on the noise. The smoothness of the pixels is determined by Luminance. We don't want to go too far with the noise, or the definition will be lost.