5 Criteria for Choosing CAD Jewellery Software

5 Criteria For Choosing CAD Jewellery Software

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The jewellery design industry has been transformed due to advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. The time saving and cost saving method has been playing a crucial part in the work of a jewellery manufacturer or a designer. Also popularly known as digital designing, the CAD jewellery design process has offered endless possibilities for customization in a cost-efficient way.

From standard CAD tools to high-end CAD jewellery design software, the endless options can make a beginner feel overwhelmed. If you are into the jewellery design or manufacturing business, it is recommended that you hire a CAD Jewellery Designer to save yourself from the hassle. If. For now, let’s focus on the title of the post once again and determine how to consider the pros and cons of a CAD jewellery design software and choose the best one for your business.

Types of CAD Programs for Jewellery Design

Earlier, the jewellery design process included hand modelling of wax prototypes, which are time consuming and prone to errors. Now, technology advancements allow a CAD jewellery designer to use modern computers and create prototypes and castings rapidly. The faster production rate can be attained with a variety of choices available, such as:
  • Entry-level CAD solutions that are free of cost
  • Solid modellers that highly focus on geometric parameters
  • Polygonal software that has mesh modelling to design the edges and faces
  • Industry based auto-solutions for specific activities like prongs, textures, embossing and scoops.
How to Choose the Best CAD Jewellery Software?

The CAD jewellery software options are endless, some offer the creative freedom to design complex shapes, while others simplify the task of adding the detailing of the prong setting on it. You can pick one of the most favourable options by considering the following factors:
  • Jewellery-based Features: Feature-richness of a software depends on its usability to you. What kind of jewellery you are designing and what kind of features you want, is totally subjective so the selection of the software can be done accordingly.
  • Geometry Aspects: If you need tight control over the geometric shape modelling, you might want to consider software like SolidWorks.
  • Customization: Another aspect that you need to pay attention that the ease of re-modelling the previous prototypes for faster customization.
  • Ease of use: For beginners, easy to use software is much more useful and efficient as compared to the high-end feature-rich software. Tinkercad is a great entry-level solution for faster design.
  • Budget:The most important aspect is to consider the budget. High-end options like Maya and Firestorm offer endless options for creativity, but they are extremely expensive. You may want to try low-budget options if you are ready to limit the detailing creativity.
Get Started with CAD Jewellery Design

CAD Jewellery Design Services have revolutionized the industry, however, not knowing the features, specialty or cost can affect your creativity as well as your budget. If interested, contact us and avail the high-end facilities of CAD designing at a fraction of the cost. Our designers are highly experienced and can definitely save you from the hassle of the learning curve and expenses of high-end software.