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Jewelry CAD Designing Service in India

With the help of CAD, or computer-aided design, you can do amazing things like putting your jewelry into a setting you may have otherwise not found. Do you desire to make a catalogue of bracelets and studded watches? Do you wish to add style and panash to the jewelry that you want to sell? With the help of E-Retouching India, you can achieve all of that and more! With our Jewelry CAD Designing Service, 4 simply photos of your product can be converted into the most photorealistic and pristine photo you can get of your product or item of choice.

We at E-Retouching India are some of the best CAD jewelry designer in India! We are the only jewellery CAD design company you will need to fulfill all your 3D CAD design services and Jewelry Rendering Service. We take your photos, scan them into a 3D model, and them render them in a photorealistic setting where it looks untouched and elegant.

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Choose us for your needs, whether you want it with scenery in the background or an empty space! Our Jewelry CAD design price is reasonable and you can even get jewellery CAD designs online!

How We Do It

- Sample Photo for CAD -

Send us orientation for picture of your piece ofDiamond jewelry. We require at least 3-4 views of photos that you can take with a regular point and shoot from camera. The quality not key here doesn't make sense as long as the image is pointed and shows the detail we need to accurately model your product. Once we have the photos and CTW of the diamonds and/or gems on the piece of jewelry we can proceed to model the piece in our CAD software.


The next step in the procedure is to create the 3D model. When we create the model we use the reference photos you supplied to us and mold the model in our CAD software as a final finished product. We will then send you a sample image of the product to make sure you are happy with it or not. When the model has passed your inspection, we will then proceed to render the images and videos in our virtual lighting studio in our rendering software.

- Photorealistic Rendering - 

The 3D models which we create are rendered using a convention modified thematic background and lighting setup that works for you. We modify the "look" of your images and videos based on your needs. High resolution images and videos are rendered to produce the most visually stunning representation of your product. We will help you put together your images and videos to your website or point of sale display

3D CAD Design Services FAQs

In the olden days, the jewelry was designed by hand then molded in wax to create a 3D model. It consumes a lot of time and energy. We can also not be very sure about the symmetry. That's when the CAD technology comes into action. Let's see how CAD helps in the jewelry field. With the help of an actual image, we can design the structure of a ring or earring or any other ornament on the software. The weight, dimensions of the stones can also be incorporated into the design. Even micrometer measurements can be very accurately styled using the software. Both 2D and 3D images can be created with the help of CAD. It will help clients get a clear view of how the product will look, and this can be used to make the ornaments again.

The given image can be transferred entirely into an actual 3D model by a well-trained CAD professional. We can also add different parts of other ornaments by cut, paste options to make the work more simple. Once the image is drawn, we can render it to make it look more natural and colorful. A rendered image will have original color, enhanced backdrop and will look very realistic. It can be used for catalogs or to show a prototype to the client. It is how CAD softwares are used in designing jewelry.

At E-Retouching India, we offer jewelry CAD designing and rendering services at a pocket-friendly cost. You can make a call to our professionals or mail us your requirements. We will send you the design back in a few hours. You can also make use of the free trial to see some real-time samples.

There are many CAD softwares available in the market to design jewels. Some of the popular ones are listed below, with a summary of the program.

  • RhinoGold

    Rhino 3D is the name of the root software that helps in designing anything in 3 Dimension. But to specifically create jewels, they have released the RhinoGold version. It has many inbuilt tools to design the ornaments easily. The base structures are already available. You can use them to create your style, which will make the process quick. Most of the jewellers in the market use RhinoGold to design their products.

  • Matrix

    If you are working with jewels, then you would have come across the CAD software Matrix. The tools here might be a little complex, but a well-experienced designer will be comfortable working with Matrix. It has many advanced components that will help you make more intricate designs.

  • 3Design

    3Design is the most famous program among designers. This CAD software will help you view the prototype or the 3D model before printing out the copy. You will be able to visualize the end product and make the changes accordingly easily.

  • Firestorm CAD software

    Firestorm is yet another popular software that has multiple tools and is very easy to learn. With few trials and errors, you can easily find how to use the software, and it is very user-friendly with a good user interface. The designing process can be done very quickly in a firestorm.

Professionals at E-Retouching India work with the best softwares to make high-quality 3D designs. They are well trained in using CAD softwares hence we promise to give you 100% unique and accurate designs.

CAD is otherwise known as Computer-Aided Design; software used to design and model 2D or 3D objects or jewels. They are used in various fields like designing jewels or buildings or machine parts. You can customize and style anything you want using this softwares. These 3D designs will be very accurate in terms of symmetry and dimension. It will give you a complete model of how the actual product will look like. This way, you can easily visualize the output and make changes if you don't like any part. Since we can predict the future product, we can also point out the flaws before making the mold or creating the jewel. This CAD design will make the communication between the client and designer smooth since both parties will better understand a prototype.

These designs can be rendered and make it look like an actual product with highlights and extra touch. These CAD designs can also be directly used on your pamphlets and sites for promotional purposes. The quality of this will be more precise than an actual image. The cuts, points, measurements can be accurately marked on these designs. You will also be able to play out different textures, colors, and backgrounds before finalizing one. Overall, these 3D designs will help both the customer and the stylist overcome the flaws and get more ideas to develop the final product.

Are you hunting down an expert to create high-quality 3D designs in India? Yes, you are right E-Retouching India has many trained CAD professionals to design 3D CAD designs that will help you develop your unique jewelry successfully and smoothly.

3D CAD software can be used for various reasons. Most importantly, it helps in designing 3D and 2D images of any product. Mostly for jewelry designs, functional parts of machines, the blueprint of houses, etc., are all designed using these CAD softwares. Now let's see the uses of these CAD softwares in depth. Though we have many such softwares all, have almost the same functionalities.

  • Prevent Flaws:

    When you make ornaments, it is not possible to do any changes once the product is made. It will double the expense to make any corrections if you don't like the end product. To avoid this confusion, you can use the 3D CAD softwares to view the prototype before developing the final product. You can make as many changes as you want to this design using the software without wasting time and money.

  • Work Efficiently:

    When you try to sketch 3D designs with pencil and paper, you will undoubtedly take a lot more time, and the dimensions will not be perfect. You will have to draw everything first if you make any mistakes, and you will not have a copy-and-paste option. But if you use these CAD softwares, you will be able to find templates of jewels already in the libraries, and you can use the base of a design any number of times you want. This way, the design will be completed quickly and without any imperfections.

In E-Retouching India, we use CAD softwares to uniquely design our clients’ jewelry and enhance the quality of the final product. If you want to see a 3D view of your jewel design before actually making it, call us, and we will get back to you immediately.

After you design the outline of your product using CAD, the image will look like a sketch, and it will not be natural. If you render this image, you will be able to view a realistic view of the product. You will be able to see more colors and also the shadow effects. These rendered images will be like an actually captured photograph. It will basically help you visualize the color contrast and backgrounds and make changes if they don't fit well together. The sparkly effects, reflections of diamonds, and other stones can be enhanced when you render the CAD design. This process will automatically take in the environment light settings and change the product’s color accordingly. In simple words, it will be a raster image of the 3D design you just styled.

3D rendering is done to improve the quality of the design. The details of the jewels will be more accurately seen, and it will be more lively than the sketch. This rendering process makes it easy to design jewels and create them in one attempt without any flaws and imperfections. You can also add additional effects during the designing process, it may not look good in the sketch, but you will get a more photorealistic image when you render. When you design your catalog, you need not take product photography; instead, you can just use the rendered images, which will show more accuracy in design and be more attractive.

E-Retouching India provides rendering services for jewels. You can send in your design. We will make it into a 3D CAD sketch, render it, and swiftly give you a flawless output.

If you are searching for cost-effective CAD designing services, then you must visit the official website of E-Retouching India. We are the product photography company that provides the best CAD designing services for your Jewellery pieces. We have the most experienced CAD designers who will create impressive models and designs at very favorable prices. Our designers use the best CAD software to create the CAD designs for your jewelry. We CAD designers charge per hour of work. So, if you want your jewelry to be professionally designed, then you can reach out to us. Our prices for CAD designing start from $12 and may go up depending upon your specifications and resolution of image and model. You can trust our services as we promise you to provide outstanding CAD design for your jewelry at very reasonable rates; you can contact our customer care for more details.

The CAD software is sufficient for everyone looking for designing - you get the privilege to design anything from a chair to an airplane. A good grasp of the software and its work will help you design the desired result and take your prevailing career to extraordinary altitudes.

But just as in every other profession, CAD designing has its competition too! And these are very different from the regular aspects of correct or accurate drawings. It takes more than just drawing and putting in your hard work. To be the best, you need to put in your best. To be the best in your stream, you have to have:

  • A highly creative and innovative approach to every facet of the design
  • Attention to detail as you would be working on detailed products for customer satisfaction.
  • Be consistent and determined. The designing industry can be pretty rough; you’d have to fight for your place and prove your worth over and over again.
  • Passion plays a key role in making or breaking your career. The prime quality of a good CAD designer is their passion for the work. You need to enjoy and learn from what you do.

All these qualities are what distinguish the best CAD designer from an ordinary one. These qualities are not a one-night thing, you would need to work on perfecting your skills consistently, and you would need to keep learning and adapting to the latest trends in the market.

CAD and CAM are frequently misunderstood or muddled. However, these applications execute very distinct functions. Every maker has stumbled across the acronyms: computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) at some time while juggling through the designing process. These are tools that work hand in hand to help in product creation. While CAD and CAM software have several similar features, they are essentially distinct technologies used for different reasons.

Exploration, conception, creation, modification, analysis, and details describe the early stages of development. The CAD software has an easy-to-use interface and 2D and 3D environments for product design and development. In its simplest form, CAD refers to computer software to assist in the creative process. The deployment of CAD enhances productivity for various reasons, the most prominent of which includes the better and faster iterations, which improves the final quality of the designs.

CAM, on the other hand, is uncertain of developing or modifying designs. Instead, it facilitates producing those CAD drawings in the best way it can, which is generally faster and more fail-safe. As a result, these tools complement one another.

CAM is an acronym for computer-aided manufacturing, which entails using software to automate the manufacture of components and products. It needs a great deal of expertise and experience from machinists and extensive testing of programs to minimize errors and even machine damage. All programming is done digitally with CAM rather than manually entering procedures directly onto the production machine.

In essence, CAD converts ideas to computer designs, whereas CAM helps to make those concepts a reality.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the software that involves designing 2D and 3D representations of your design and models. CAD designing is used to make perfectly defined models that do not have any dimensional error. There is various software through which the designers create fantastic jewelry models easily. They use specific surface and solid modeling techniques to enhance the 2D or 3D format design very quickly. To produce these designs, CAM, a term that is interrelated with CAD, is used. It is used to manufacture the CAD design or model efficiently. CAD designing is the flexible technique to create or produce any kind of design or model very quickly. The software is both versatile and flexible in terms of design and technicality. You can make use of this interface to create the best jewelry models. E-Retouching India is the best company to provide CAD-related services to its customers without any hassle.

CAD has numerous advantages. Not only it helps you to have a more clear picture of the final product, but it also enables you to express your ideas and perceptions precisely and accurately. It holds innumerable benefits for frequent users, such as:

  • CAD helps to remove all the obstacles and complications that arise during the designing process. It gives an idea of how the program will work and look in the real world.
  • Another feature of CAD software is that it allows you to increase your productivity by reducing the number of defaults.
  • Designs designed by using CAD are accurate and of exceptionally good quality. A CAD system is highly efficient as it allows you to run all sorts of tests and scans to ascertain that the design is perfect and fulfills the expectations, and gives the best results. It makes the process of manufacturing less time taking and easy.
  • CAD systems are quite simple; it helps you easily communicate with your subordinates and others working on the design. It automatically develops documentation, which reduces the work of the designer and helps in answering any queries. It helps to avoid arguments and gives a proper reason for the importance of making more complicated manufacturing.
  • CAD ensures that your work is safe. It allows you to take a subscription which saves the copies for the future. It will enable the designers to change the style, appearance, shape, and others in no time!
  • CAD files can be easily and quickly shared, which helps to save time. It also provides uniformity in design tools and allows different users to operate it without any difficulty.

Cad is the designing software used by many professionals like designers, engineers etc., to create designs and models using computer technology. It is the easiest method to develop the plan in both 2D and 3D formats without any hassle. CAD uses the optimizing model designing software, which helps the designers to create an error-free model quickly. In earlier times, it wasn't easy to create the perfect dimension and measurement jewellery modules with the help of manual drafting. But, CAD software has made things easier as now it does take much time to create an accurate dimension model using futuristic software. With the help of CAD designing, the industry has become more productive as they can generate many models and designs quickly.

E-Retouching India is a brand that has the best professionals who use CAD designing to make your jewelry models. You can contact us about our exceptional services.

CAD designing is a process where you can design a 3D prototype of your 2D image or design of a jewellery piece. As CAD is prevalent software, there are certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • CAD software is very efficient in working; you can create your model’s prototype very easily without any hassle.
  • CAD can work on any design; it is exceptionally designed flexible software, it works efficiently on different types of models.
  • Through CAD software, you can avoid many dimensional and geometrical errors.


  • To use CAD software, you must have good knowledge about software engineering and designing applications.
  • The softwares and machinery used for CAD designing are considered to be very expensive.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of CAD designing. If you want to opt for CAD designing, then choose E-retouching India. Here you will find the best CAD designers who will develop the best designs for you.

CAD designing is the software through which you can design your jewellery’s 3D prototype. It is a designing technique that involves both surface as well as solid modelling. CAD designing or Computer-Aided Design is a computer technique through which you can digitally create the best 2D and 3D models for your jewellery pieces. Here, you can render your model STL file format and view different angles of the jewellery piece. To produce your design and model, you can use computer-aided manufacturing, which is an interrelated method with CAD designing; here, you can have your CAD 3D model using the CAM software and machinery. It is the best way to enhance your jewellery design and attract many attractive customers digitally.

E-Retouching India is the best CAD designing service provider that gives you innovative and unique CAD designs for your jewellery. Professional experts create all these, and you can contact us for our services.

You must be thinking about creating the best jewellery designs that are free from errors and mistakes of measurement. CAD designing is the best option if you want a jewellery design full of accuracy and precision. To create designs, there are several CAD designing software used by the CAD designers to make 2D and 3D models. You can create versatile jewellery using the most versatile software, which can turn them into an actual product. The most famous CAD softwares which E-RE touching professional experts use are

  • Jewellery CAD Dream
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MAtrixGold
  • 3design
  • Rhino Gold 6
  • WizeGem
  • LibreCAD

These are some CAD software used to customize your jewellery design perfectly. The designs created from these softwares are in great demand among customers; hence it can help you increase your business.

CAD designers are the ones who are behind your fantastic jewellery models. These people create your 2D and 3D jewellery designs using the CAD designing software. CAD designing is a very reliable tool used by many designers to create the best and impressive jewellery designs. But, this software requires someone quite knowledgeable to use it. This software is very technical and challenging to use for the average person.

The CAD designers are expected to have an excellent computer-based background; they should have good knowledge of creating various designs and models efficiently. The top quality that all the designers should possess is to make the customer’s thoughts into a perfect jewellery design. CAD designers are very innovative and artistic; they use their talent to create some of the best pieces of jewellery using the CAD designing software and process.

E-retouching India is a brand that has the best CAD designers to create the best jewelry pieces for our customers.