A Beginner's Guide to CAD Designing

A Beginner's Guide To CAD Designing

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Computers and IT have largely affected the way every industry works. Digital technology has encouraged each sector to be more productive as well as effective, and it applies to the jewelry industry too.

Nowadays, you can find many jewelers using the jewelry CAD designing service. Using computer-aided design or CAD software, the process of jewelry designing becomes more precise and efficient.

If you want to know some tips and tricks to user the CAD for jewelry design, then please keep reading this blog until the end:

Significance of jewelry design using CAD

There are many software solutions available in the market that facilitates the jewelry design using the computer. When you draw jewelry designs physically using hand, then you may get restricted at some point, especially when dealing with creative, intricate, and precise design elements.

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The most significant advantage of using CAD is you can create anything you can imagine, which might not have been possible with conventional designing methods. But even if you use jewelry CAD design online, you cannot replace the need for the jeweler who does the job of casting, polishing, soldering, and welding the metal.

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You will also need setters who seat the gemstones in the piece of jewelry and give life to the prototype model made using CAD. So, you can indeed create gorgeous jewelry design using the software, but you will also need the help of a skilled jeweler to turn those designs into reality.

Three practical AutoCAD

1 - Define the boundaries

When you are creating simple jewelry, then it can be easy to create boundaries. But as the design gets complicated, you can use the boundary feature to create a closed polyline. It will allow you to hatch the pattern.

Then, you can further calculate the area or create a three-dimensional model. So you can define the boundaries by launching boundary commands, and then the polyline makes it easier to calculate the area.

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2 - Dimension line tricks

If the dimension line is crossing in your design, then you don't have to break it manually. All you need to do is use the Dimebreak tool. It will create smart breaks in your drawing while retaining the associative dimensions.If you want to get rid of an unevenly spaced line, then you can use the Dimespace command. Dimjogline enables you to shorten the long dimension lines without affecting their geometry.

3 - Make Fully-Constrained Designs

Creating under-constrained designs is the most common mistake made by beginners. The first thing you must do is provide the correct dimensions. Your drawing should come out fully constrained manually and without having to retrieve dimensions. Of course, it will take time to render designs like a professional product cad designer. But, with adequate practice, you can learn to produce fully-constrained designs.

To Conclude

Those were three tips for anyone who has just begun designing jewelry using CAD. You can create amazing designs using the tips above. Also, don't hesitate to approach our professional freelance CAD designers in India if you want to have a specially designed customized piece of jewelry for yourself.