How is 3D Modelling Changing The World?

How Is 3D Modelling Changing The World?

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Gone are the days when everything was designed on a piece of paper and then, manufacturers used to build them. However, as obvious as it may sound, but these methods were pretty slow. The reason was the number of stages between the design and the finished product and their complexities. 

However, as technology advanced, our manufacturing techniques also changed for the better. After all, this is one such field that is fully supported by the forever-changing innovation. Nowadays, the computer has managed to make its presence known in almost every industry. Even the manufacturing industry hasn’t remained untouched by it. Many CAD software has come into the picture that not only helps in designing the product but also facilitates different structural analyses. 

Talking about the subsequent stages, the machining of the products can be controlled using computer numerical control (CNC) machining. However, to turn it up a notch, there’s one more manufacturing technique that has taken the world by storm. This is 3D modeling. Let’s see what it is.

What is 3D Modelling?

3D modeling is a method based on computer graphics that helps in modeling the 3D prototype of any object and manufacturing it. One of the most ways to achieve this result is using 3D printing. It is an additive manufacturing technology that manufacturers a 3D object just from its CAD model. It adds up material layer-wise just like a printer print a strip of the picture at a time.

Adding up some material according to the CAD Modelling layer by layer finally gives the complete 3D model. This method is very fast and efficient. As a result, many industries use this technology. One such niche is jewelry making. 

How is 3D Modelling Changing the Way We Design Jewellery?

Just like 3D modeling has made constructing models a super-easy task, making jewelry is not difficult either. 3D jewelry design techniques have made the jobs of jewelry designers and manufacturers very easy. However, making jewelry and making engineering materials are different.

While engineering designs require proper structural analysis, jewelry design is more inclined towards aesthetics. Since the objectives differ, so does the CAD software. Below are some of the best CAD software for 3D modeling for jewelry:
  1. RhinoGold
  2. RhinoJewel
  3. Jewelry CAD Dream
  4. Wizegem
  5. Jweel
  6. Tinkercad
  7. Mudbox
  8. 3Shaper
  9. Blender
  10. ZBrush

Where To Find 3D Jewellery Modelling Services?

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