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Jewelry CAD Designing Service in India

With the help of CAD, or computer-aided design, you can do amazing things like putting your jewelry into a setting you may have otherwise not found. Do you desire to make a catalogue of bracelets and studded watches? Do you wish to add style and panash to the jewelry that you want to sell? With the help of E-Retouching India, you can achieve all of that and more! With our Jewelry CAD Designing Service, 4 simply photos of your product can be converted into the most photorealistic and pristine photo you can get of your product or item of choice.

We at E-Retouching India are some of the best CAD jewelry designer in India! We are the only jewelry CAD design company you will need to fulfill all your 3D CAD design services and Jewelry Rendering Service. We take your photos, scan them into a 3D model, and them render them in a photorealistic setting where it looks untouched and elegant.

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Choose us for your needs, whether you want it with scenery in the background or an empty space! Our Jewelry CAD design price is reasonable and you can even get jewelry CAD designs online!

How We Do It

- Sample Photo for CAD -

Cad Software

Send us orientation for picture of your piece ofDiamond jewelry. We require at least 3-4 views of photos that you can take with a regular point and shoot from camera. The quality not key here doesn't make sense as long as the image is pointed and shows the detail we need to accurately model your product. Once we have the photos and CTW of the diamonds and/or gems on the piece of jewelry we can proceed to model the piece in our CAD software.


3D Model

The next step in the procedure is to create the 3D model. When we create the model we use the reference photos you supplied to us and mold the model in our CAD software as a final finished product. We will then send you a sample image of the product to make sure you are happy with it or not. When the model has passed your inspection, we will then proceed to render the images and videos in our virtual lighting studio in our rendering software.

- Photorealistic Rendering - 

High Resolution Photos

The 3D models which we create are rendered using a convention modified thematic background and lighting setup that works for you. We modify the "look" of your images and videos based on your needs. High resolution images and videos are rendered to produce the most visually stunning representation of your product. We will help you put together your images and videos to your website or point of sale display