How Much Does 3D Rendering Cost?

How Much Does 3D Rendering Cost?

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The way we used to shop a few years ago is no more relevant. We all prefer to shop from the comfort of our homes. E-commerce has changed everything and the sponsored content on social media is another story altogether. People want to consume information about every aspect of a product through scrolling and quality pictures play a key role in it. Creating stunning photorealistic product images has become essential for every business these days. It not only attracts the customers but also results in sales and profitability.

In this post, we will discuss how 3D rendering services are changing the traditional way of listing product catalogues and how much will it cost if you want to upload photorealistic images on your ecommerce website.

What is 3D Rendering?

Experts offering 3D rendering services use specialized programs and applications to create realistic images with 3D models of a product. The activity is known as 3D render and it takes multiple steps to achieve professional photo rendering quality. The end result is a combination of high-end technology and the remarkable talent of the designer, so it is surely worth it.

How Do Experts Create Photorealistic Product Images?

The multistep photo rendering services begin by creating a 3D model of the product. Later the experts would add the desired texture to the image. The following steps are essential to create a lively look as the designers would add the required lighting and view angles on the 3D model. Further, the experts implement some hi-tech software to render the photorealistic images and then add further visual effects like shadows.

What Is the Difference Between Product Photography and 3D Rendering?

Image rendering techniques are getting immensely popular and widely preferred over the traditional way of capturing product images. The reason is that 3D rendered images look more realistic and can be prepared at a fraction of the cost. Getting the product images clicked is a hassle as you need to find a skilled photographer, invest in the required set, lighting and other gears and then have to wait for the post-production tasks to get the final result.

On the other hand, 3D rendering is a cost saving and time saving method of image enhancement for ecommerce as you won’t need a prototype to begin the photo shoot. There won’t be any limitations of lighting, background and aesthetics. Besides, to highlight the qualities, retouching and editing of 3D rendered photos is much easier and quicker as compared to traditional photos.

What Is the Cost of Professional Photo Rendering?

The price may vary depending on the scope of work. Though for a price break down for rendering services, you may expect to pay on an hourly basis or per product basis. Another aspect that changes the pricing plan for rendering services is the view angles. You will pay anywhere near $20 for simple designs and the price may go up as the design complexity increases.

Final Word

To find the exact cost estimate for 3D rendering, you need to contact an expert nearby. If you are searching for a trusted service for product photo rendering online, then you may also get in touch with E-Retouching India. Getting the images 3D rendered from our experts won’t cost you much as we are the industry leaders and have been helping thousands of clients with the most competitive pricing plans.