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E-Retouching can have started latest one more service that to be done from a doodle or a precise picture or CAD model. We offer a full design service beginning with an idea or anexample. We h ave the capacity to design around stones or any item on request and are available for private consultations. The 3D jewelry CAD design, known as 3D jewelry modeling is booming thanks to many benefits that it provides for the creation of jewelry model. Computer-aided design (CAD) enables time savings and considerable cost savings in the 3D modeling of the jewellery. CAD Designer offers you professional services for creating jewelry 3D models, making it possible to be printed as real jewelry. 3D techniques used for jewelry modeling, will become key success factors for both customers and jewelers.

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The role of CAD Designer is to provide a comprehensive A to Z Service of 3D prototyping to final STL file for printing. The quality of the 3D prototyping file and the quality of the detailed modeling process are indeed essential for working during the manufacturing of a jewel and getting the perfect result.
 3D jewelry modeling not only changes the jewelry manufacturing process, but it also revolutionizes the creation of jewelry images. Once photographed to be presented on paper catalogs or online catalogs (website), the jewels will now be viewed in 3D with an exceptionally realistic jewelry rendering quality. And the possible field is wide in 3D imaging gem: photo, video, animation … up to the creation and imagination!

Composing of a Jewelry Models By E-Retouching India

Jewelry modeling is not the same as modeling any 3D object. You have to choose a powerful 3D jewelry design solution and demand advanced and specialized features in jewelry modeling. The initial jewelry design and modeling allows manufacturing rings and pendants in gold, silver, titanium, steel, copper and gold-plated metal by offering bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other loops adornments. Depending on customer needs, other materials may be used as well.
Once the jewelry model (ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings, etc.) is ordered, we will discuss a size and a material for rendering (gold, silver, titanium, copper metal, steel etc.) available in several finishes (shortbread polished, varnish, matt etc.) based on your needs. After the step of jewelry modeling, comes the stage of jewelry rendering for further 3D printing. An exceptional quality of rendering is an important step as the customer can adjust their choice with maximum precision and realism.

However, all 3D printers have one thing in common: they need a 3D file. This 3D file holds the information about what object the printer is supposed to print. These 3D files are generated with special 3D modeling software. These programs range from beginner-friendly free modeling apps like JEWEL CAD to high-end programs especially designed for jewelry makers, such as RHINOCEROS.

 Once the 3D file is generated, the printer can use this information to print a real physical object. Using online 3D printing services like E-Retouching India the designer does not even need to own his/her own 3D printer. When we receive the 3D file via our website or thru email, we know exactly what the client expects. 3D Video to be Rendering into the Realistic Jewelry.

If a simple 3D photo rendering is not enough, we offer professional video rendering services. Whether it's for a YouTube channel or a presentation, we will offer impressive high resolution videos to make your project a success. Video rendering enables 3D models to be represented as video outputs. Our jewelry CAD designers will help you to choose interesting backgrounds and interactive animations for 3D video rendering to capture your customer's attention on the web or wherever you will display them.

 For more information, please explore our jewelry CAD models gallery created by our jewelry cad designers. Or go directly to custom jewelry design page to order your model. Intention of the design and details how we want from you and what we will provides to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D jewelry modeling is the process of creating a digital representation of jewelry designs using computer software. This allows designers to create detailed and intricate designs that can be viewed and modified in three dimensions.