What Are The Tips For Retouching Product Images For Ecommerce?

What Are The Tips For Retouching Product Images For Ecommerce?

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Every eCommerce store needs accurate and reliable catalog entry services for the success of their business. Product images retouching service produces appealing images to attract potential buyers.

How Do You Retouch Product Images for Ecommerce?

Over the past decade, the various business industry has witnessed the rise of eCommerce business all across the world. With people wanting to make their lives easier, eCommerce sites are playing a big role in making online shopping more exciting and effortless. But the prominent factor behind this success is the display of eCommerce products. Generally, there are three stages to produce product images. The first step is product photography. The second step is to edit the images with the help of product photo retouching services. The final step is to upload the edited images on the eCommerce display.

The Importance of Product Photo Retouching

Product image retouching is an essential step for creating entrancing product portfolios. The raw image of the product display always needs light adjustments, masking the imperfections and zooming in or out the images. The high end product retouching services can help in colour correction for the model and product and skin retouch on the model?s image. They assist in removing stray hair or unruly mess of the product model and add a drop shadow to make them look more realistic. This way, an eCommerce business can produce more appealing and eye-catching displays, resulting in significant growth in their sale.

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The photo editing tricks mostly involve dust removal, Scratch removal, unnecessary object removal, creases removal, glare removal, eliminating reflection, reducing noise, colour matching, and light correction, etc.

Let?s get to know how to perfectly implement the retouching techniques to go by perfection?

  • Create Extra Layers

Always make extra layers to have copies of your original photo. In case you made a mistake and have to go back to the original photo, having a duplicate layer will come in handy. Right-click on the background of the photoshop application and select ?Duplicate Layer.? Know how to retouch product photos with photoshop.

  • Clean up the Image

With the knowledge of what is photo editing, you can clean up the image by removing all the dust particles, scratches, and spots. You need to use the clone stamp tool to perfectly clean up the product. Select the clone stamp option from the toolbar on the left, then pick a soft brush. Select a clone source and move over to the spot you want to remove.

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  • Mask the Flaws

There might be shadows and reflections in the product display, which can suggest that it is a low-quality product. Masking will do the correction. Using brush tools and eraser tool is a proper way to mask the error.

  • Improve Colours (Colour Replacement)

This method of photo editing for eCommerce is essential for the product in the photo to match the real-life product for not disappointing the customers, in case the product would not look the same. The background colour has to be even tones. So, replace the colour with adjustments in the image menu. Then select the eyedropper tool to lighten the dark region of the background.

  • Now Save It!

Highlight the fine details of the product by adjusting the image contrast and sharpen them. Now it?s time to resize the image. Crop it as per the requirement and save it. But make sure to add a watermark to preserve copyright protection.

Without these photo retouching services, eCommerce sites might face many difficulties while running their business and providing uninterrupted services to thousands of eCommerce users.