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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services in India

Maybe you have some jewelry you are proud of or that you need to sell off. For whatever reason you might need to make your jewelry looks better in photos. Whether you want to post your family heirloom on Instagram, or you want to sell off some jewelry that you do not require anymore, you can use the best jewelry retouching services in India, E-Retouching India! We do jewelry photo retouching company in a way that can make your bling look brand new!

We offer various jewelry image retouching services such as colour correction, removing dust and bad reflection, enhancing reflection, changing the colour of the metal or the gem or stone, creating shadows and effects that really sell how gorgeous the item is, and adding more shine to them. This way people can see the optimized version of your precious item, whether it is for a family photo, a wedding photo, and a photo you need to be able to publish it in magazines or newspapers and advertisements.

Hire Best Photo Retoucher in India

Get your jewelry image retouching online done quick and easy simply by sending to photo to us at E-Retouching India and we can guarantee you will get your photo in less than a week! Check our jewelry photo retouching price or contact us for best deal!

E-Retouching India Provide Professional Retouching Services. Jewelry and Other Product images almost forever need enhancement, but retouching of Jewelry is a specialized service that needs skills and experience. Retouches needs to beat stability in adding Exposure / color to metals, Facets to diamonds and colors to gemstones, so as not to make them look over processed or under processed.

We provide following professional supports in-case of Jewelry and Product Retouching:

  • Clipping Path and Masking
  • Color Corrections
  • Improvement of Diamonds & Precious metal Color
  • Use of Exposures, Brightness and Contrast
  • Natural Shadow
  • Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection
  • Having stone a lot more Shinning
  • Changes in Metal Color and Gemstone Color.
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