What Is the Importance of Photo Editing?

What Is The Importance Of Photo Editing?

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A recent survey conducted on buyer behaviour revealed that more than 90% of consumers agreed that visual content has a higher influence as compared to other aspects like positive reviews or discounted prices. Therefore, product photography takes the centre stage. Although, photography is only half the job done, the real impact is created with image editing services.

As we all know, the power of ecommerce has been evolved to an unimaginable height. When almost all your potential customers are searching for products online, it is important to pay special attention to ecommerce image editing aspects. In this post, we will discuss, why do we need professionally retouched product photos, especially, jewellery photos.

What Is High-End Photo Editing?

In terms of professional photo editing services, the task can be defined as detail-oriented, quality focused and value for money. Experts utilize the latest software and high-end technology and take so much time to refine every pixel of your product photo so that the end result looks appealing.

To put it simply, when you outsource photo editing tasks, you are basically paying someone to make your products look more presentable and highly impactful.

What to Expect from Jewellery Photo Editing Services?

No matter how expensive the camera or equipment was used, every photo needs editing skills to retouch and refine its look. In terms of jewellery photo editing services, you might expect a professional to take care of the following things:
  • Background: To sell a piece of jewellery, it needs to tell a story and photography is the best way to do it. Although, creating the right background may sometimes get tricky. In such cases, jewellery photo editing may change the background or remove the background so that only the product features are highlighted.  
  • Colours: Lighting plays a crucial role in capturing the true colours of a product. For instance, if you have hired someone to capture the beautiful coloured gemstone embellished in a piece of jewellery and because of the light, the colour looks different and somewhat less appealing. Hiring someone expert for retouching and colour correction is the best bet.
  • Shadows: No one would feel a connection with the raw images of a ring lying on a white background. To make it lively, shadows are important. You can’t always create shadows with studio lightings, so the idea is to invest in some high-end editing software to create naturalistic shadows. 

What are the Benefits of Image Editing Services?

As we discussed above photos play a key role in influencing buyer behaviour. Therefore, to make the raw images awe-inspiring, you need to find a skilled individual offering service for jewellery photo editing. Retouching the photos would result in spectacular images with enhanced product features, remarkable textural highlights, attractive surface finish and colour corrections. When a brand is able to create a lasting impact with the edited photos, they can boost their sales and attain maximum profitability.


Jewellery photo editing services act like magic to turn an otherwise dull photo into a spectacular product that is worthy of telling a story. If interested in enhancing the appearance of your jewellery collection, get in touch with E-Retouching India. Our photo editing talent would definitely make your customers go wow.