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E-Retouching can be have started latest one more service that to be be done from a doodle or an precise picture or CAD model. We offer a full design service beginning with an idea or an example. We have the capacity to design around stones or any item on request, and are available for private consultations.

The 3D jewelry CAD design, known as 3D jewelry modeling is booming thanks to many benefits that it provides for the creation of jewelry model. Computer-aided design (CAD) enables time savings and considerable cost savings in the 3D modeling of the jewelry. CAD Designer offers you professional services for creating jewelry 3D models, making it possible to be printed as real jewelry. 3D techniques used for jewelry modeling, will become key success factors for both customers and jewelers.

The role of CAD Designer is to provide a comprehensive A to Z Service of 3D prototyping to final STL file for printing. The quality of the 3D prototyping file and the quality of the detailed modeling process are indeed essential for working during the manufacturing of a jewel and getting the perfect result.

3D jewelry modeling not only changes the jewelry manufacturing process, it also revolutionizes the creation of jewelry images. Once photographed to be presented on paper catalogs or online catalogs (website), the jewels will now be viewed in 3D with an exceptionally realistic jewelry rendering quality. And the possible field is wide in 3D imaging gem: photo, video, animation … up to the creation and imagination!


Jewelry modeling is not the same as modeling any 3D object. You have to choose a powerful 3D jewelry design solution and demand advanced and specialized features in jewelry modeling. The initial jewelry design and modeling allows manufacturing rings and pendants in gold, silver, titanium, steel, copper and gold plated metal by offering bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other loops adornments. Depending on customer needs, other materials may be used as well.

Once the jewelry model (ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings, etc.) is ordered, we will discuss a size and a material for rendering (gold, silver, titanium, copper metal, steel etc.) available in several finishes (shortbread polished, varnish, matt etc.) based on your needs.

After the step of jewelry modeling, comes the stage of jewelry rendering for further 3D printing. An exceptional quality of rendering is an important step as the customer can adjust their choice with maximum precision and realism.

Finally, note that if you lack inspiration, you can always consult with our jewelry CAD designers.

For more information, please explore the our jewelry CAD models gallery created by our jewelry CAD designers. Or go directly to custom jewelry design page to order your model. Intesion OF THE DESIGN AND DETAILS HOW WE WANT FROM YOU AND WHAT WE WILL PROVIDES TO YOU.

How it will Process:

Actually, there is no single, easy answer to this, since '3D printing' includes many different technologies. While some printers work with filament, others use powder, and yet others work with liquid resin or wax (we’ll talk about which one we think is most suitable for jewelry below).

However, all 3D printers have one thing in common: they need a 3D file. This 3D file holds the information about what object the printer is supposed to print. These 3D files are generated with special 3D modeling software. These programs range from beginner-friendly free modeling apps lik JEWEL CAD to high-end programs especially designed for jewelry makers, such as RHINOCEROS.

Once the 3D file is generated, the printer can use this information to print a real physical object. Using online 3D printing services like E Retouching India the designer does not even need to own his/her own 3D printer. When we receive the 3D file via our website or thru email we know exactly what the client expects. 3D Video to be Rendering in to the Realistic Jewelry

If a simple 3D photo rendering is not enough, We offer professional video rendering services. Whether it's for a YouTube channel or a presentation, we will offer impressive high resolution videos to make your project a success. Video rendering enables 3D models to be represented as video outputs.

Our jewelry CAD designers will help you to choose interesting backgrounds and interactive animations for 3D video rendering to capture your customer's attention on the web or wherever you will display them.


3D CAD Modeling, Casting and Printing Services FAQs

3D CAD modeling allows designers to build realistic models of products. These models can be printed as well as used to run complex simulations. It helps in designing the basic structure or the blueprint of the product. CAD modeling is a new technique used by several e-commerce websites to present their jewelry in a better way.

  • When designing a jewelry piece, there is a lot of confusion related to size and designs. To avoid such confusion, 3D CAD modeling comes into action. It helps you to create a digital prototype very quickly so that you can make the product correctly.
  • Creating the designs using paper and pencil is something very old-fashioned. You can use CAD modeling to create a perfect design without any dimensional mistakes.

E-Retouching India uses CAD modeling interfaces to design different jewelry pieces for customers. We have many professionals who have a lot of experience in CAD modeling. They provide you with the best jewel design for your jewelry.

3D printing of jewelry or additive manufacturing, is a new way of building jewelry molds using various materials like wax from digital files. A 3D printer used the STL file and converted the blueprint image into an object. There are many types of 3D printers which are used to do this process efficiently. The technology is relatively new for the jewelry industry, but it is beneficial and creates many possibilities. But, how does this printing process work?

  • The jewelry model is designed using CAD modeling software.
  • Designers design the jewelry piece using the CAD software and export the final design in STL or SLC file format.
  • These file formats are then printed from a particular type of 3D printer using different materials.
  • The models are then cast using the investment method by pouring the investment material into the mold.
  • The molds are heated under a specific temperature creating a piece of 3D printed jewelry.

At E-Retouching India, we have designers perform these methods of 3D printing very efficiently; you can contact them for the best 3-printing design for your jewelry piece.

The 3D printing jewelry is made using CAD modeling software. The 3D printing of jewelry takes around 1-2 days to be made properly. It doesn’t take much time to create the 3D model; the primary step is deciding the jewelry design, which takes some time. The tedious and most prolonged step in 3D printing is creating the design using the CAD software program. The total procedure also involves steps that are casting, finishing, polishing, and stone setting.

If you want your 3D printed jewelry design within 72 hours, then you must contact E-Retouching India. You can send us your CAD file, and we will give you your 3D printed model as soon as possible. Or you can also take our CAD designing services; we have many professionals who are great at designing. We will provide you with the best CAD software design and the best 3D-printed jewelry model. You can contact us on our customer care service to know more details.

3D casting is a technique used to create a three-dimensional replica of any product or jewelry captured in a detailed and preserved form. The 3D casting of jewelry is done using CAD modeling software. The technique of creating 3-dimensional models is relatively new but very helpful. It helps e-commerce sites to create jewelry pieces with more precision and accuracy. The 3-D casting of jewelry is done after the process of printing the molds of the jewelry design.

After the printing process, the designers use the investment material to cast the model of a particular jewelry piece in the mold. The investment material is heated at high temperatures so that it gets set easily and quickly. And, yes, your 3-D casting model is ready. At E-Retouching India, we provide the 3d casting service of jewelry. We have many experienced professional designers who create the best jewelry design using CAD software and then cast the best jewelry design only for you. You can come to us anytime for the best 3D casting services.

3D casting is the new technology that is being used in jewelry designing. The technique involves knowledge, experience, and creative thinking to create the best jewelry designs. Talking about the price, as the technique is relatively new in the market, it may cost slightly higher than the standard techniques. Casting involves various steps like CAD designing, rendering, and then casting. All these processes cost differently as per the customer’s requirement.

At E-Retouching India, the cost depends on the service you are taking. Our company’s rates are very cost-effective and don’t become a burden on the customer's profit. We provide several offers and discounts to help the customer select the best service for them. Our services are done by experienced and talented designers who create the best 3D casted jewelry for you. You can contact our customer care service for the exact price for the 3D casting of the jewelry along with the CAD designing.

3D CAD modeling is a type of design that involves CAD software, also known as Computer-Aided Design. It is software through which you can create a two-dimensional picture into a 3D model. It is a technique that is used in machine building, construction of buildings. The technique is recently being used to design jewelry because the 3D models are accurate and don’t miss any dimensions. The designing process will give a complete model of your jewelry similar to your real one made from some other material.

All these CAD modeling designs can be cast and can be made look like the actual product. CAD designs are used on jewelry websites, pamphlets, and catalogs to help customers visualize the jewelry piece in a much better way. The quality is much more precise and can make the website look more trustworthy to the customers.

If you want a high-quality CAD design, then come to E-Retouching India. We have got India’s best CAD designers to help you develop the best jewelry design for your website.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a technique used to make three-dimensional solid objects using digital files. The creation of three-dimensional printed objects is achieved using additive techniques and processes. 3D printing encompasses many technologies along it.

It is used in various industries for different purposes, such as consumer products like footwear, jewelry, furniture, industrial products, dental products, fossils, etc. Companies use 3D printers to create an exact prototype of their CAD design. The technique of 3D printing has proven to be quite helpful in the jewelry industry. Now, businesses have started using this technique to ensure the accuracy and precision of the products. By using this technique, they can create much more creative designs than usual.

E-Retouching India is a company that helps businesses to create the best and the most detailed designs for their jewelry. Many CAD designers design the jewelry best, and the final 3D printed result is fantastic. You can attain all of our services for great precision and accuracy.

3D printing is a manufacturing technique that creates physical objects from digital designs or models. The technology works by adding different layers upon layers of different materials to build the complete object. 3D printing involves the different layering of molten plastic or wax to create an object. As each layer is set, the next layer is printed on its top. These designs are made using another software known as CAD designing software, which helps curate the design. The file of this CAD software is converted to STL, which is a file format used for printing. 3D printing depends upon how the resolution of the design is higher the resolution more the layers to make it look better.

E-Retouching India uses this technique to create impressive designs of jewelry for you. You can contact us and have the services from our best 3D printing designers.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is the technique of preparing three-dimensional objects through computer files. These objects are made using different layers of material depending on the resolution of the picture. The technique is quite famous in many industries as it has lots of importance in the market.

  • 3D printing is a technology also known as Rapid prototyping. The technique can design, manufacture, and customize the image in a short period without wasting a second.
  • 3D printing is very cost-effective. Traditional prototyping methods involved tedious tasks and never gave accurate results.
  • 3D printing can create almost anything, any design that you want in the form of an object.
  • It helps to create a design that has good quality. It involves different layers of material, which creates the best prototype.
  • Through this technique, businesses can improve their design quality and can hire some professional designers.

E-Retouching India is a company that creates the best 3D printing models. We have impressive editors who can help you design the best jewelry for your business.

3D casting is the process in which the digital image is converted into a tangible object using different materials and molds. It is a technique that helps to create the models in the most accurate and precise way. The technique is used by businesses to boost their profits and increase their sales day by day; here are some benefits of casting that you should look at.

  • 3D casting is the process in which you can create any product or Jewelry very quickly; the technique is very flexible and can create anything given to it.
  • 3D casting is a short-time technique. Through this technique, you can create the most complex designs in a few hours only.
  • You can create a number of objects through this technique. There is no limit; if you have a design, you can create any number of objects in a short period of time.
  • It is a low-cost operation. As compared to conventional methods, it is more cost-effective and accessible.

You can opt for 3D jewelry casting services from E-Retouching India, a leading brand of casting the best jewelry.