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Jewelry Photography Services in India

Do you have jewellery you want to sell? Perhaps you want to feature it in a magazine, or maybe you simply want to show off on your Facebook or your Instagram. Whatever the reason, we have just the services you may require! We at E-Retouching India are one of the best jewellery photography company in India, which means our ecommerce product photography services are close to unparalleled. For whatever reason, setting or product you want an amazing and sellable photo for, we have the best ecommerce product photographer for you specific needs!

Our product photography pricing is very reasonable and our product photography services are of stellar quality! We have some of the most passionate photographers in our employment who are more than willing to take the best photos you could possibly receive of your jewellery product! Your professional product is guaranteed to get the professional product photography and finishing touches that it deserves!

Hire Our Best Jewellery Photographers in India

We take the photos and then edit them to make them look absolutely pristine and desirable. Hire best jewellery photographers in India by contacting E-Retouching India!

E-Retouching India Provides the Professional Photography Based in INDIA. E-Retouching India has started to Provide Photography Service.  We offer a range of services within the scope of Jewelry Photography. Every image We deliver is ready to be used for print or web. Popular uses are catalogs, e-commerce, magazine ads, direct mail marketing, social media, and portfolios. Your photos will be accessible to you from anywhere in the world from a permanent online folder. We can provide a variety of file types, including JPG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, and more.

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Product Photography and Videography Services FAQs

Product photographers play an important role in selling goods to customers by providing high-quality photographs of a wide range of things. Although digital photography has taken over the industry, many of the skills required to take beautiful photographs haven't changed. Because many potential buyers cannot check the product or its packaging in person, product photography has become more crucial than ever before with the development of internet sales. While some product photographers work full-time for a client, others run their businesses or freelance on a more flexible basis. The photographer gets the goods and any other components (such as mannequins or a backdrop) and prepares the lighting for the picture session. The shoot might take place in a studio or the countryside, depending on the items being photographed. Once all of the required pieces are in place, the product photographer shoots many pictures to accurately and attractively depict the product. This procedure might be fairly static, or it can include models or staging modifications.

The quality of your visual presentation is frequently used to assess the perceived value of your items and the credibility of your brand. As a result, having high-quality, attractive product photos may help a lot. However, not every business owner can afford to invest in a professional photographic studio, especially those just starting. DIY product photography is a fantastic option, and as long as you have the right gear and skills, you can take stunning product photographs. But we're not just talking about looks here. Using high-quality pictures to display your items might mean the difference between a sale and no sale at all.

It is especially true if you sell your items on Amazon or other marketplace sites where your product photographs are featured alongside your competitors. The quality of your product photography has a direct influence on the perceived worth of your items. However, because professional photography is typically expensive, getting your product photographs up to standard when you're just starting. However, there are a plethora of product photography solutions available to assist you in completing the task.

The good news is that video production prices have dropped substantially in the previous ten years. The entrance hurdles to corporate video production are now nil. Because everyone with a camera can produce a promotional video for a business, it's becoming more difficult for business owners to decide who to hire for their next video production. You must first set a budget for your video project before beginning your search for a video production firm. You can reach out to us to know more details regarding the pricing of our product and services.

Product photography is an important aspect of your business that you should consider when trying to persuade consumers to buy your goods. Especially now that internet buying is becoming so prevalent. Not only can you get nearly everything you need with just a few clicks, but internet shopping saves time, which is something that customers value. The importance of a picture cannot be overstated, and if you don't have excellent product photography photographs on your website, you may be losing out on a lot of sales. Product photography is so crucial that readers of your site are always drawn to a picture before reading the content on the page. As a result, you must ensure that your photos are visually appealing. Product photography is a long-term investment that will help your company become known as an industry leader. It makes your consumers think that your company genuinely cares about their needs, wants, desires, and concerns.

Many people dismiss the notion of making an eCommerce product film for their items due to the time, effort, and money involved in the process. All of these considerations are worthwhile, though, because a product video may have a significant influence on your brand and sales. Ecommerce product videos allow you to successfully illustrate the value of a certain product by concentrating on every feature and how those characteristics may alleviate your customers' pain points. You may leave a lasting impact on the consumer's mind by telling an interesting tale and showing a 360-degree video of your product in action. Boost Conversion Rates - This is the most important one. Visitors who watch product videos are more likely to purchase. Customers can understand the value of a product and feel confident in making a wise purchase decision after seeing eCommerce product videos. Videos will appear more frequently in Google searches. Product videos show in 14% of search results, so it's critical to reach out to this segment of your audience.

A great product image is worth a thousand website views if a picture is worth a thousand words. Product photography may be incredibly beneficial to your ecommerce website strategy, even if I don't have statistics to back it up. It is the part where I'm meant to persuade you to buy a high-end 50-megapixel (MP) camera with a screw-on lens of 100 millimeters. But that's not something I'm going to do. Make use of the fact that you already own a camera that meets these criteria. However, for many sorts of items, taking product photographs using a smartphone is perfectly fine. Newer smartphones include sophisticated camera lenses and settings that let you tailor your photos to the many sorts of light and locations you could find yourself in. Before going into tripods, I have to start with a cardinal rule: don't use your phone to direct your lens toward the subject by propping it on anything stable. It's far too simple for this improvised arrangement to move about during the shot, resulting in discrepancies in the appearance of your photographs. If you're going to lay your camera on anything like a stack of books, be sure it doesn't move throughout the shoot.

Product photography is the most prevalent and important aspect of e-commerce marketing. Photo editing is important for e-commerce sites to make the image of your goods appealing to buyers. Let's look at why photo editing is so important for e-commerce businesses. The performance of an e-commerce firm is improved by high-quality pictures. Photo editing is essential for e-commerce sites to make photos passionate and engaging. According to the expert's opinion, "you must present high-quality images in your e-commerce site if you want to get the consumer's trust and confidence." The performance of an e-commerce firm is harmed by low-quality images.” Although you may include product data on your website, a photograph is far more valuable than written content. When the appropriate modification is done to the product image, it becomes more convincing. They are a crucial component of e-commerce branding and a potent marketing technique. As a result, your website will have a good return on investment and a positive reputation among clients.

Product images are intended to assist potential buyers in visualizing what they will receive. After all, internet buyers are unable to personally inspect a product before purchasing it. Buyers may visually identify characteristics using high-resolution photographs taken from different perspectives, as well as action shots showing how the product is utilised or close-up detail views. Do not undervalue the value of good product photography in your online store, as it is one of the most effective tools for selling your goods and improving your brand via e-commerce platforms. Do not undervalue the value of good product photography in your online store, as it is one of the most effective tools for selling your goods and improving your brand via e-commerce platforms. Humans are visual creatures that interpret data depending on what they perceive. According to studies, individuals recall 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read.

There isn't an easy solution. Your business, items, and picture needs to determine how much you’ll be paid for product photography. There are hundreds of freelance photographers in most cities that provide various services to their clients, including portrait, event, and wedding photography. These photographers may have their studio, work out of their home, or share one with other photographers. Product photography may be offered by a tiny fraction of these photographers. Full-service studios provide a comprehensive range of still and 360-degree product photography services, as well as the ability and equipment to handle huge shipments, large-scale projects, and all professional photographic needs. It would be tough for the studio to predict daily output if your project has unique picture needs that fluctuate from product to product. As a result, they would choose an hourly or daily charge. I highly urge you not to contract with your service provider on an hourly or daily basis. Budgeting is difficult because there is no cap on your expenses.

Let us just begin with lighting for product photography. Without adequate lighting, neither your product nor your background will seem as they do in person. Lighting for product photography comes in two varieties: studio lighting and natural lighting. The product you're photographing, the purpose of the shot, and the platform you'll use to promote it will all influence the setting you choose. Natural lighting is ideal for product photography of culinary products, people, and apparel, and these natural-looking images may be used on social media platforms such as Instagram. Tripods may appear to be geeky, pointless pieces of photographic equipment, yet they make a significant difference in the clarity and quality of your product photographs. They're also not always costly or difficult to use! Tripods are simply stands that hold your camera steady while you hold it in your unsteady hand. When you use a tripod, you can reduce blur, which is important if your product photos seem professional and high-quality.

You've probably seen your fair share of bad product pictures on the internet. They're all over the place! Poor quality product photographs give a negative impression, from grainy shots to distracting backdrops. It's not only a bad impression of the goods; it's also a bad image of the company as a whole. Customers are drawn to crisp, high-resolution visuals. If you sell your items online, providing visitors with appealing photos encourages them to stay longer on your site. As a result, the longer they browse, the more likely they are to become consumers. Professional product photographers build a reputation by delivering high-quality images. The technical aspects of photography may be learned by an amateur photographer. The equipment contained in a professional photographer's camera bag is a definite indicator of their status. There isn't much (if any) low-cost consumer equipment available. Why? Because, for the most part, professional-quality photographs are impossible to achieve with low-cost cameras and lenses. Sure, there are people who show off stunning photos shot with mobile phones or consumer-grade DSLRs. They don't, however, take those pictures on a regular basis. And if you looked closely enough, you'd probably notice at least a few faults. It's important to have the right equipment. Okay, we'll face it: having the right equipment doesn't make you a pro. But it's a start, and with the proper equipment and the right photographer, you may expect amazing results.

We invest time, energy, resources, money and most importantly, passion in our product. But sadly, it all gets down to dust if the presentation of the product isn't done the right way. Photography is an art, and not everybody can do it seamlessly. For this reason, business houses are always up to outsource product photography work. We should hire a photographer who has a solid portfolio and a few matchable work samples. We need to ensure our photographers know what they are doing. Our large team gives us the expertise in product photography to provide our clients with a wonderful outcome.

Time is money, and it should be preserved; our photographers make sure to deliver the top-notch pictures right on time so that our clients can make use of them as soon as possible. For time-bound services, trust e-retouch photography. We have highly talented photographers and a creative management team, delivering rapid and reliable results to our clients, with a significantly minimised waiting period.

From presentation to photography and post-production, expertise in quality management will reduce energy and cost. Delivering for our clients is something we take very seriously. Our diverse experience helps us do things correctly, usually on our very first try. On a shoestring budget, we can even take a picture with an iPhone. However, this is a waste of money. With or without an image, we can't sell anything, and we'll probably sell even less with a bad shot, which damages brand value. For the same cost, we supply the highest quality, and for a given rate, we produce in the lowest time.

Being ecommerce store owners, we already know just how crucial the visual elements of our product are. Incredible product photos don’t just reveal to our clients what they’re buying, but they also get aware of the teensy tiny details of the item. One could ask- is product photography expensive? What if we tell you, by spending a fraction of a dollar on making your product visually attractive, one can actually double the sales.

Technically, whatever is spent on hiring a product photographer comes back from the profits. Our product photography ranges depending on the type of service our clients choose. We offer product retouching, editing, videography and of course, photography. Product retouching will cost you less if you choose us. We also provide rendering and animation services at inexpensive rates. Lastly, product photography and videography with us are both reasonable and high-quality, as described by our prior clients.

Our pricing strategy is kept at a quiet pace to keep our clients satisfied and happy. By choosing our jewellery photography services, our clients get their desired product photo at a minimal price. Our wanna-be clients can get in touch for a risk-free sample today! Keep in mind that product photography generates revenue for our company by helping us sell more items. Customers will not click the "Buy Now" button if beautiful product photos do not entice them.

We all understand how important it is to have a bundle of good, top-notch pictures of our product because we realise they are a vital component to drive sales. Time and work invested in the product images pay results over time. Therefore we're confident that our product photos will catch the attention of buyers when they visit our website. Great pictures can also help us develop trust because our product photos are the closest thing that internet customers can come across for the first time. But it all comes down to a question- how to take such amazing pictures. Don't worry, and it's not a daunting task to do.

Firstly, make sure that the lens is crystal clear- we don't want images drowned in the dust. A shabby lens will decrease the quality and beauty of our product. The next thing is, try out different filters and effects. Our phones have loads of different camera modes and filters in the settings, which we can take advantage of while taking product photos. These filters enhance the features and saturation of the product photo, making it look more professional. But we need to take care not to overdo these filters, as it will make things rough for us. Lastly, we have to choose the right location and angle for our products, and the only goal is to define the aesthetic. We understand it could be a challenging task for busy business people to do everything by themselves. We provide excellent product photography services and make your existing product look incredible.

When it comes to jewelry photography, some things are to be taken care of for the small, shiny, and intricate products. But, by using specific things and techniques, jewelry photography can become a lot easier.

  • Natural Light: Using the bright light then the camera’s flash to make your jewelry shine is the best option. Natural light can make your jewelry look more clean and beautiful.
  • A White sheet of paperwhite is known to be a good reflector; you use it to make your jewelry reflect more light and shine bright in the photographs.
  • Camera and a Tripod Stand- using a camera of good focal length helps obtain a clear image, and the tripod ensures that the product is in focus or not.
  • Props: Using a mannequin is the best way to present your jewelry piece. It helps the product to give a realistic shape.
  • Blu-tack or double-sided tape: you can use this to make your rings stand horizontal. This view gives a very nice angle to your photo.

You can contact E-Retouching India for perfect jewelry photography by professionals at very reasonable prices.

Product photographs are used to help the customers visualize the product in a detailed manner. As in online shopping, the customers can’t physically see or touch the product before purchasing it. High-quality images help the buyer to see the product from different angles. Through this, they can visualize the features that the seller claims for the product

Product photographs are used to help the customers visualize the product in a detailed manner. As in online shopping, the customers can’t physically see or touch the product before purchasing it. High-quality images help the buyer to see the product from different angles. Through this, they can visualize the features that the seller claims for the product

Through your product images, the customers immediately judge the quality based on the aesthetic look of the product that you are selling. For professional product photography and editing, you can visit E-Retouching India for the best services around the country.

Every photo editing company charges the price according to the services you are opting for your product. The services like retouching of images, CAD designing, animation and rendering, and many more are some of the projects you give to the company. It is essential to understand the different criteria that editing studios have for their services. The prices that E-Retouching India offers to its customers are very affordable and they will satisfy all the customers.

Our product photography ranges between different rates. Every service has different prices, like retouching the images starts from INR 60 and goes up to INR 225 per image. These prices depend on the number of images you are giving us for editing. Our CAD designing starts at INR 850 and rendering of images at INR 450. These rates can change depending upon the resolution of the image you want. We introduce many exciting offers and discounts to help our customers achieve cost-effective product photography services at ease. We make sure to provide the best services at our best prices.

Product photography is a technique that is used to showcase the products most attractively. It helps to entice potential customers to buy the specific product. Product photography is an essential component of both online and offline marketing. We all use product images in newspapers, catalogs, magazines, etc., to make the customer visualize the product in the best way. There are various product photography that businesses can opt for to enhance their sales.

  • Studio Shots: It is the most common product photography used by e-commerce websites to promote their product. They are simple and give an elegant look.
  • White Background Shots: These shots are standard where the seller wants to show the product more enhanced and shinier.
  • Product Grouping: In this, the brand groups similar products and demonstrates them to the buyers. It helps to show the various designs of the same product.
  • Hanging of products: It is a technique to show the 3-dimensional look of the product efficiently.

These are some ways that product photography includes; you can opt for all these from E-Retouching India. We use all these techniques to make your product look attractive and elegant.

Product photography looks simple, but when you try doing it, it can become a total blunder. There are some tricks that you need to follow if you want an extraordinary image. Product photography is the key element of online businesses, so it needs to be natural and attention-grabbing. Here are some tips that you can follow while photographing your products.

  • Set up a light or white color background; this allows the light to reflect, enhancing the shots.
  • When you are clicking your images then you must look for the perfect lighting source. It helps the product to avoid shadows. It would be best not to use your camera’s flashlight; it will not give a clean effect.
  • Use a tripod stand; it helps you to avoid blurry images. Using this, you get focus and clear pictures of your product.

Most photography companies keep these things in mind to provide the best photos to their customers. At E-retouching, we also use many tricks to enhance the photographs; you can try our services and get the best product shots for your website.

Product photography is also known as commercial photography. It is a technique in which the product is enhanced in photographs to entice potential customers to purchase the displayed product. Mainly in product photography, we feature the details of the product. These detailings and designs of the product help the customer to analyze the product in online mode comprehensively.

Product photography includes many services like CAD designs, rendering, animation, 3-dimensional graphics, etc. You can make your product look natural and attractive by using different retouching and editing techniques. It is observed that if you follow the basic principles of photography, it can help you increase your business 50-60 times more than usual. Customers tend to attract the product that shows them exact detailing and design as they can only visualize the product and can’t touch it.

Nowadays, the need for product photography is increased to grow the business in a good way. It is good if you invest in product photography services for the best result. E-Retouching India is a company that provides professional product photography to its customers. You can contact us for outstanding results.

Jewelry videography is a type of 360-degree product video. E-commerce websites use this to show their products detailing and design to the customers in a better way. Jewelry videography is the best way to help the customer efficiently visualize the product. Nowadays, global online retail sales are ballooning continuously; jewelry videography helps gain more and more potential customers to the business. There are certain benefits for which the jewelry videography services are used for

  • To improve the online shopping experience, e-commerce businesses use this technique to gain customers' attention through these 360 product videos.
  • 360 jewelry videos have reduced the rate of the product return. The techniques help the customers to analyze the product in online mode correctly. So the chances of recovery significantly decrease.
  • There are hundreds and thousands of ecommerce sites that are selling jewelry. But, the 360 product videography helps the business to stand out from the crowd. These companies provide better services and better products.

E-Retouching India is a brand that offers jewelry videography for business enhancement. You can contact us for the best videography services by the professionals.