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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services in India

Maybe you have some jewelry you are proud of or that you need to sell off. For whatever reason you might need to make your jewelry looks better in photos. Whether you want to post your family heirloom on Instagram, or you want to sell off some jewelry that you do not require anymore, you can use the best jewelry retouching services in India, E-Retouching India! We do jewellery photo retouching company in a way that can make your bling look brand new!

We offer various jewelry image retouching services such as colour correction, removing dust and bad reflection, enhancing reflection, changing the colour of the metal or the gem or stone, creating shadows and effects that really sell how gorgeous the item is, and adding more shine to them. This way people can see the optimized version of your precious item, whether it is for a family photo, a wedding photo, and a photo you need to be able to publish it in magazines or newspapers and advertisements.

Hire Best Photo Retoucher in India

Get your jewellery image retouching online done quick and easy simply by sending to photo to us at E-Retouching India and we can guarantee you will get your photo in less than a week! Check our jewelry photo retouching price or contact us for best deal!

E-Retouching India Provide Professional Retouching Services. Jewelry and Other Product images almost forever need enhancement, but retouching of Jewelry is a specialized service that needs skills and experience. Retouches needs to beat stability in adding Exposure / color to metals, Facets to diamonds and colors to gemstones, so as not to make them look over processed or under processed.

We provide following professional supports in-case of Jewelry and Product Retouching:

  • Clipping Path and Masking
  • Color Corrections
  • Improvement of Diamonds & Precious metal Color
  • Use of Exposures, Brightness and Contrast
  • Natural Shadow
  • Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection
  • Having stone a lot more Shinning
  • Changes in Metal Color and Gemstone Color.

Photo Retouching Services FAQs

The words ‘editing’ and ‘retouching’ are commonly used in the photography industry. But, both of these are two different things. There are many differences in these terms, and here we have mentioned what they mean in reality.

Editing is a term in which we usually crop, straighten and adjust the image for exposure, temperature, contrast, and white balance. These edits are made to make the picture look clean. Still, this is not the final edit. Photo editing only takes a short time, depending on the desired effect you want for your image. Editing is a simple process just to make the image look more sharp and enhanced.

Retouching the image is typically high-resolution digitals. Retouching includes the processes like sharpening, brightening, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, adding simple and attractive effects, and removing background distractions. There is also a term known as extensive retouching, where the editors compost two images together, completely changing the background. This retouching method is used to make the image more attractive and attention-grabbing.

At E-Retouching India, we provide both of these services to our customers. We have various software which helps us to perform these retouching and editing efficiently. You can come to us and make your photographs look enhanced and spectacular with the help of our professional editors. You can call us on our customer care for any doubts or queries related to our services anytime.

Adobe Photoshop is software that is quite tricky to use for those who are new to photo editing. But, it seems like every other day, a new photo editing software is being introduced. These new programs are as good as Photoshop and sometimes even better. They provide all the options like new effects, new frames, and new editing options to create an extraordinary image. Photoshop is powerful software, but it’s quite expensive; but fortunately, there are many advanced low-cost editing programs that you can easily use. Here we have mentioned some of the programs you can easily use to turn your image into an attractive piece.

  • GIMP: It is a photo editing software that is very much similar to Photoshop. You can use it to enhance your product images very easily, and the best part of this software is it is free of cost.
  • Pixlr E: This software is another option you can use for product editing. It is an online photo editing software that doesn’t need to be downloaded. You can edit your images online through this interface. It is also free of cost.
  • PicMonkey: It is a powerful product photo editor which you can use for extraordinary outcomes. The program is a lot easier than Photoshop and is free of cost. Only the services of background removal tools have some charges, and the charges are also very affordable.

All the mentioned software is very quick and easy to use. But more than the software, you need skill in photo editing. If you are looking for professional photo editing services, then you can contact E-Retouching India. We are a brand that provides the best photo editing services at affordable rates.

Retouching is a method for editing your images and making them look more enhanced and attractive. Several steps like adjusting brightness, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, and many more, which help the photographs look better. There are several online platforms and programs which you can use to retouch your photographs very easily. Here are some programs that are free to use and can beautify your images much more efficiently.

  • GIMP: It is very straightforward software to use and gives the best effects to your images. Through this program, you can beautify your pictures easily without spending any money.
  • Ashampoo Photo Optimizer: It is software that can retouch your photographs in the best way. It has many options which help you to clean and declutter the unnecessary things in your images. It helps the images to adjust well with the retouching and editing and makes them look enhanced.
  • Fotor: It is a free photo editor which gives you the quick and ideal picture boost. Here you can retouch and edit your images easily by adding some of the effects and changes. There are many options in this software that helps you to create an image with vibrant colors.

These are some of the retouching software which you can use to create the best product images. You can also take the services of E-Retouching India, as we provide all the services, including retouching, at very affordable rates, which will not affect your budget at all. You can call us to get more information about our services and prices.

Retouching is available in different types, and one such type is high-end retouching. High-end retouching is a process of retouching the pictures, which requires good knowledge, precision, and focus while making the changes in the photos. It involves several steps to help the photograph look more natural and clean. Retouching is a basic process that requires only a few minutes, but high-end retouching is the procedure that requires a lot of time to perform each step to make the picture look good and attractive. Here are some things that high retouching does to turn your images into extraordinary ones.

  • It helps in correcting the color and shade of the image
  • It changes the light, contrast, and saturation
  • It involves image sharpening
  • Vignetting and Toning of the images
  • Removal of small or big blemishes from the photos.
  • Minimizing the enlarged pores present in the image.
  • If there is a model in presenting your product, it does teeth whitening, hiding pimples, shaping the nose, lips, and ears, hair and eye retouching, and body shaping.
  • Deleting unwanted elements present in the images.
  • Adding the shadows along with some light effects on the background of the pictures.
  • The photomontage is changing and expanding backgrounds, changing colors, and adding elements in the photographs.

These are some corrections that high-end retouching helps you to do. The high-end retouching process needs professionals; you can opt for our services. As at E-Retouching India, we have the best photo editors who know good photo editing services. You can contact us and make your images look perfect.

Nowadays, many e-commerce websites want to have images that are professionally enhanced and grab customer’s attention. As professionally edited photos help in the growth of the business as it significantly increases the sale of the product. You can also go for the photo enhancing processes, as it is very simple to attain. There are several websites and programs which help you to edit your pictures in the best ways possible. Here are some best image enhancers from which you can turn your dull pictures into bright and vibrant ones.

  • Fotor: It is software that allows making the key modifications in the pictures easily. It is completely free to use and includes some of the best editing options to enhance your pictures in a better way.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: It is a very famous photo editing software. As it is, it makes the best and significant changes to your images.
  • BeFunky: It is an all-in-one online photo editor or enhancer interface that helps you create and enhance the best images for your website. You can give a unique look to your photographs by using this interface.

These are some of the best photo enhancers which are readily available online. You can use them to create many attractive images if you are willing to opt for more professional services. Then you can contact E-Retouching India for the best photo enhancing services.

Nowadays, everyone wants to have professionally edited and enhanced pictures. Professionally edited images and pictures can be very good for your business, as it helps to grow the business. More than the written content, people tend to focus on pictures presenting your product. To grab customers' attention and make them buy your product, it is very important that you don't use dull and unappealing pictures on your website.

There are various software present online which you can use to create the enhanced images. But, properly using these programs and interfaces is not that easy. They involve some editing options that require professional assistance. To make your pictures extraordinary, you should opt for photo editing services. E-Retouching is a company that will help you achieve such pictures. We are a brand that provides the best photo editing services like retouching professionally.

We have many professional photo editors who edit your pictures using the best software and interfaces. They have good knowledge and experience in the photo editing field and give you the best retouching results. Our services are very affordable, and if you get a higher number of images retouched from us, then there are several offers and discounts which you can receive very easily.

You can contact our customer care services to know more about our services and pricing system and other service-related queries anytime.

If you want to frame your old photographs for future purposes on the wall or use vintage pictures to show your product. Then photo enlarging is the best option. The process is very simple, but it just needs a little bit of professionalism in work. When old photographs are stretched, they tend to lose their clarity and give a very unpleasant look. But, if you opt for E-Retouching services, you can get your old images clear and attractive as your new picture one.

You can send us your vintage and old photographs, and we will make them as perfect as possible without losing their vintage effect. We have many professional photo editors who know how to edit the images per the customer’s requirement. Usually, things get wrong when the pictures are enlarged as it misses some of its important details. But, in our services, we take care of everything. We edit and enlarge all your vintage pictures with care so that they don’t miss any of these important and precious details. You can trust our professionals as they will never damage your precious family photographs that are too old.

Our services for photo enlargement and restoration are available at very reasonable rates. You can reach out to us or visit our website for more details. Our customer care services are also available. You can contact us anytime for any doubts or queries.

The main focus of retouching is to boost the clarity of the image. The before and after effects of retouching will be very drastic. Our professionals will take at most care and check even the minute details to rectify the flaws in the actual image.

  • In jewelry, diamonds and pearls can be depicted in a more attractive way. So our professionals will make sure to make the stones look a little more shining.
  • The shadow of the ornaments can become a flaw in the photo. By the retouching process, our experts will remove those and highlight the background to make the jewel stand out.
  • Next, we will focus on removing the dust particles that are captured during the photo shoot.
  • Most importantly, in jewel photos, we will find a lot of reflections since the texture is very shiny and sparkly. Hence our experts work on neutralizing the effects and make it look perfect.
  • The best way to emboss the jewel is to make sure the background is not very clumsy. By clipping, we erase the unnecessary lines and pixels in the backdrop and mask it to make it look more natural.
  • We do a color correction to check if the entire clip has the same tone and enhance the dull and mismatched areas to make it look more professional.
  • With the help of software, we will change the color of metals and stones. This color improvement is a significant step in photo retouching.

The professionals at E-Retouching India are the best at providing retouching services. We will make sure your pictures are of the best quality without any flaws. Look at our samples to see the before and after-effects of the photographs.

Basically, to retouch a product image, we will use good AI software because it will suggest more alternate options to make the image look more realistic and attractive. First, we need to understand the product and the necessity of the image and start retouching based on that. Now getting into the actual process:

  • The products used for photography will indeed have fingerprints and damages. When capturing the picture at high resolution, all these will be visible. During the retouching process, we start by erasing these scratches and refine the image. We mask the damaged portion to ensure that the end output is more realistic.
  • When you capture the image, of course, we will use flash. On some products, this flash will reduce the clarity and focus due to refraction. So we retouch by lowering the brightness and making sure the color contrast is perfectly matched.
  • The lighting may not always be right during a photoshoot. But by adjusting the color and brightening of the background will surely help enhance the quality of a product image.
  • With the help of cloning, we can clean the image and hide all the flaws. This will leave the natural effect but at the same time increase the resolution.
  • The backdrop of an image always plays a significant role in making the product look more attractive. While retouching, we use some special tools to even out the background and make the crimps and crumbles invisible to the naked eye.

Retouching an image is essential because it will highlight and focus the product even more than the original picture. Choose E-Retouching India to make your products a little more attractive.

Retouching a photo is actually removing imperfections like scratches, blemishes, adjusting the saturation, hue, brightness, etc. You can add and erase elements to the image to make it look more appealing. There are few reasons why we should retouch a photo. They are as follows:

  • In online shopping, customers mostly get lured by alluring images. We can make that happen by retouching photos. It improves the marketing strategies and also will finish your work at an affordable price.
  • Multiple softwares can be used for retouching and based on our creativity and skills, we can bring a difference to our brand from the competing companies. This will help the clients remember about our products and make our brand unique.
  • The raw photos captured will be dull, and the product will not be seen as the center of attraction. To rectify this problem, we can go for photo retouching.
  • The quality of the product will be judged by the picture displayed on the website. So it is necessary you make the image look perfect, flawless, and professional with the help of our retouching experts.
  • We tend to use these pictures to promote the product on various platforms. To make the image look suitable for all the pages, it is necessary we opt for retouching services.
  • When you enhance the quality of the image by retouching the specifications and the cuts of the product will be more clearly visible. This way we can gain the trust of clients.

We have to retouch the picture to improve marketing and gain more clients or customers. Connect with E-Retouching India to know more about jewelry and product photo retouching services.

A product photo editor is used to enhance the quality of images that a business uses for its website or product launching. By using the photo editor, you can make an image look more attention-grabbing and attractive. Now, what is the exact purpose of photo editing software? The primary importance of a photo editor is to make the images look spectacular by some retouching and making sure the photos are appropriately organized. Our company can retouch any of the photographs and make them into a photo that will grab a lot of traffic on the customer’s website. It is seen when ordinary pictures become extraordinary; it tends to grow the business. As more than written content, the photographs and images grab the customer’s attention.

There are various softwares in the market used for highlighting effects like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. The softwares help an editor increase the quality of photographs by blending, merging, and adding some visual effects to the image. We use our creativity and knowledge to create a beautiful visualization in the picture. Product editing is the best way to advertise your product or jewelry in an attractive manner that impresses the audience visiting your website.

E-re Touching India is one such company that provides the best photo editing services by using the best photo editing software. You can choose us for the premium photo retouching results. We will help you to get your best product images very efficiently.

We always try to make our customers feel relaxed and comfortable, that’s why we accept all modes of payment. If you are taking our photo editing services, you can pay us either, in-person or virtually. Here are some methods that we accept for the money transfer.

  • If you are a frequent user of online payments, then you can pay us using PayPal. We accept all the PayPal payments for our services.
  • If you are near our office, you can come to us and directly pay us in person. Through this, you can get to know about our other services efficiently.
  • If you are utilizing our services from overseas, then you can use international wire transfer. We accept that as well for our customer’s convenience.
  • There is an option of Western Union also available. You can use this for the international transfer of money.
  • All the payments by credit cards and debit cards are accepted. You can reach us and pay using any of them.
  • We also accept the payments from cheque if you are not comfortable with any of the above methods. You can use this without any problem. For the bank details, you can contact our customer care.

If you have any problem making a payment, you can always reach out to our professionals before the transfer. We are always happy to help you. We also have customer care service, where you can call anytime to get the best assistance for our services.

When you retouch the photo, the quality and the resolution will be amplified. This will make the image look very bold and flawless. Nowadays, people are very much interested in retouching the pictures before posting them on websites and social media to fascinate more clients. The main reason why photo retouching is famous now is that:

  • To the naked eye, we never spot many flaws while taking the photo. But when the image is seen on a monitor, we will see dust sediments on the product’s skin. Retouching a photograph will efficiently remove this dust.
  • The product used might be just a demo model, and they will not be of very good quality. But when it is placed in front of a high pixel camera, everything is captured very clearly. We can get rid of these cracks by masking and cloning the scratches.
  • To make your product stand properly, we might use certain props to support it. But we do not need it to be seen on the final output. This can be easily erased by retouching the photograph.
  • When we capture shiny objects, especially diamonds, the flash will reflect and will give too much brightness and shadow. But without flash, it will be very dull. So we can adjust the lighting and colors during the retouch with the raw image.
  • Products can become bland if the background does not uplift the colors of the item. We can adjust the color patterns and improve the saturation to make the image look more captivating.

Reach out to our experts in E-Retouching India for the service. This will surely bring in more profit to your business and form a solid client base.

There are many categories in which you can split and organize a price chart. For Image retouching, you can see the number of images, time taken to finish the work, quality of the raw image, specific requests, etc. If you split it into these sections, you will be able to assign the right price easily.

  • Price by Number of Images:

    In certain cases, if the client has many images to retouch, then you can reduce the price of one image and give them an offer. This will also be profitable for you. Fixing the price based on the number of images is the best strategy to lure big companies who require the service for more photos.

  • Time Taken:

    Calculate the hours you put into finishing the project. If it is a complex project, it will surely take more time then gradually increase the price. If it takes only a few minutes, then charge less. But be sure to let the client know about this before they choose you.

  • Resolution and Clarity:

    If the given image is very poor in resolution, then the work will be more to turn it into a good quality picture. And also, when the image has many cracks and imperfections, the expert has to put in more care. In this case, you can increase the cost.

At E-Retouching India, we have a special price chart that will be very suitable for our clients. We designed the cost based on the number of images that need retouching. If the client has 1 to 50 images, then for a single image, we charge $3. F0r 500 images will be $1.50 per image, and the cost will reduce upto $0.80 if you need 2000 images. This way it will be very economical for our customers.

Are you in search of a reputed photo editing company? Then you have come to the correct location. E-Retouching India is the leading website in India to provide high-quality retouching and editing service. Not only in India, but we also have our base in many countries all over the world. Here are a few reasons why E-Retouching India is the number one in providing retouching and editing assistance.

  • Quick Service:

    The very important thing is we are fast in what we do. If you send in for a free trial, we will return your samples in just a few hours. If you send us a message or want to connect with us, we will get back to you in just a minute. If you place your orders with us, we will positively deliver the output in 72 hours.

  • Quality Of Result:

    Even though we finish our work quickly, we will not compensate for the quality of our work. E-Retouching India will ensure all your requests are taken into account and provide you with high-quality pictures and videos. We work in a very organized way which helps us to be more efficient in what we do.

  • Confidential:

    We will never disclose any of the details about our clients to anyone. All the images and information will undoubtedly be kept highly confidential among our employees. Once the work is done, we will send you all the copies of the pictures. We will not use the images for any other purpose or display them on our website without your consent.

    • E-Retouching has worked with many customers and has designed, edited, and retouched more than 100000+ images and videos. You can even go through the testimonials to see our client’s feedback. Put your trust in us. We will give you the best results.

At E-Retouching India, we always work at the convenience of our clients. We like to be very transparent with you. So if you wish to check out our work, you can always go for a free trial. We also have many samples on our website that our professionals designed. Both the before and after pictures are inserted to help you clearly understand our quality and work. But if you like to test with your own image, you can always click the free trial button on the website. To make use of the free trial, follow the below steps:

  • Find Free Trial:

    On the E-Retouching India website, you can locate the free trial option at the top navigation bar. Also, on the home page in the last section, you have direct access to the free trial option. Tap on any one of the buttons to proceed to the next step.

  • Share the Details:

    Next, you will be redirected to a new page. You will find a form with the following details. Your name, company, email address, phone number, and comments if you want any specifications in the service. You can upload the picture or file that needs to be modified. After filling out these details, press submit we will reach out to you soon. You will find our office address and contact details. If you have any queries, you can connect to us.

  • Receive the output:

    After knowing about your requirements, our experts will work with the project and send you back the final output in a few hours. Maximum within 72 hours, you will receive the sample.

    • We will not charge you for this sample product. After reviewing the sample, you can choose if you want to continue our service or not.

Yes, of course, E-Retouching India has experts to perform clipping paths as a part of the photo retouching service. Our photo retouching package includes a lot of assistance like color correction, improvement, clipping path, etc. Our professionals are well trained to alter the image based on your requirements. You can capture the image even in a very bland background. We will ensure to add all the additional touches, clip the product perfectly and place it in an enhanced backdrop. With the help of softwares, we will cut the areas that do not help make the product look more attractive. Clipping is basically marking a boundary for the product and moving to another place or cropping out the unnecessary items.

When retouching an image, we mainly focus on the background, and this clipping will only help to sort out the problems created by the backdrop. A perfectly clipped image will attract more customers. This might take a lot of time since the work is very delicate. Since the professionals at E-Retouching India have been clipping and editing for a long time, you can get our help and finish the job soon. The retouching service and clipping path can be done at a very reasonable price with properly polished edges in a short time at E-Retouching India. The creativity can be taken to the next level because we can clip and merge different images.

If you have any queries regarding the photo retouching or clipping service, feel free to get in touch with our customer care at any time of the day. We will help you to know more about the pricing and the services included in detail.